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About Me

I'm Tony Aldridge, otherwise known as Angry Lawyer. I program in pretty much every programming language ever.

I do open source work on a number of projects, and develop games in my free time.

Some of the languages I like to play with are

  • Rust
  • OCaml
  • Erlang
  • Python
  • Typescript
  • Tcl
  • C & C++

I also polish gemstones in my free time, and am interested in feminism and social justice.


Things I've done in the past, or am currently working on

Daniel Friesen, resized -


Easily import and export javascript CommonJS modules through js_of_ocaml

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SDL2 bindings for Rust, used by several videogames projects in the Rust ecosystem.

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CC-BY Kevin Shine, resized -


Tcl bindings for Rust, for embedding an interpreter in your Rust projects.

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By Scs (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons -


An implementation of APL implemented in Rust, designed to match Dyalog APL

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CC-BY Henri Sivonen, resized -


Rust libraries for working with old Ultima Online .mul files

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Zombie Master

A mod for Half Life 2, where players must compete against one chosen as the Zombie Master - a Real Time Strategy player controlling the enemies

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Fancy a chat about something? Contact me at tony (at)


I maintain a GitHub profile here. Fancy collaborating on something?


I'm on Twitter as Angry_Lawyer. Drop me a line!

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